The Telecoms sector is Muvraline’s historical sector, as the startup has been meeting the Artificial Intelligence needs of Altice Group’s Telecoms, Media and Pub Business Units since October 2018.

Muvraline’s Artificial Intelligence ensures a rapid “go to market” for telecoms providers, with innovative products and functionalities specially developed to meet their specific needs.

Muvraline intervenes at every stage of a corporate customer’s lifecycle by designing AI software. Our solutions support telecoms companies from sales (with optimised prospecting by sales representatives in the field and enhanced in-store security), installation (optimised technician rounds) through to the operation of their services. We also offer an artificial intelligence solution for detecting consumer fraud, predictive network maintenance and HR optimisation for call centres.

Muvraline’s AI software, specially designed for the needs of the telecoms sector, brings you two major benefits:

  • greater operational efficiency (mobile teams, automation of all types of detection)
  • lower costs.