Media and Advertising


Muvraline has developed Artificial Intelligence software specifically designed to streamline, facilitate and automate key stages for television channels.

In terms of content production, Myndea software will help you to be more precise and efficient by assisting journalists, technical teams and cameramen (both upstream and in the field). In particular, it allows you to geolocate the various cameras deployed.

When broadcasting content, you can use our software for smart captioning and real-time blurring of faces and number plates.

Our “AI for Medias” service offering also includes smart computer graphics.


Our AdBot software was created to meet the needs of the advertising departments of the television channels in the altice group. It automates the management of advertising space. AdBot brings together in a single program the functions usually offered by several different programs, so you can manage your advertising network with a single tool.

This automation/simplification will save the advertising network a great deal of time, eliminating the need for manual input and giving greater autonomy to end customers (advertisers), who will be able to easily configure their campaigns directly in the tool.

AdBot also improves the automation of the advertising workflow. If, due to a direct effect, an advertisement cannot be shown in the slot allocated to it, it is automatically reprogrammed by the algorithm to be shown in an equivalent slot.