Our specific Bancassurance offering is based around three major challenges inherent to this sector: anticipating and defusing customer dissatisfaction, combating fraud and facilitating documentary research.

  • Thanks to an in-depth, intelligent analysis of text and sound elements, Muvraline provides companies in the bancassurance sector with the means to anticipate potential customer dissatisfaction, by analysing customer telephone calls and detecting vocal emotions. Identifying the least satisfied customers upstream and recommending corrective action in real time will improve their experience and build loyalty.
  • Combating fraud: our DetectBot software, based on Muvraline’s AI, is designed in particular to prevent underwriting fraud. What’s more, thanks to its voice recognition functionality, it can activate a voice signature to confirm that it really is your customer.
  • Make it easier to find and extract information from documents. Our AI tool is capable of quickly searching for specific information in written documents of any kind. This feature is particularly useful in the bancassurance sector, where documents can be hundreds of pages long.