Human face is a door to understand man’s soul: at Muvraline we develop deep Artificial Intelligence to read facial expressions & human emotions in realtime.

Remember that day when you were hiking with some friends, and at one point you crossed a stranger, see his/her face, and immediately realize (s)he was enjoying that amazing mountain view just behind you? In that occasion, you instantly knew for sure that (s)he was happy, calm and satisfied, and all this with no need to ask him/her! That’s because the feelings and emotions that we experience trigger subtle but meaningful changes in our facial expressions, and we humans have evolved the extraordinary ability to detect and interpret them to better understand each others. Somehow, this is a way to guess each other’s mind just by looking at the face!

In the 70s, scientists started to catalogue human facial expressions, leading to what is known as facial coding, a method to describe the different movements of the human face, which henceforth has become the main tool of description used in scientific studies dealing with facial expression as well as in the animation of 3D characters. This method breaks down facial movements into separate Action Units (AU) supported by different sets of facial muscles, such as those controlling the contraction and decontraction of eye brows, nosrils, cheeks, lips.

Different emotions elicits distinctive combinations of facial action movements, therefore by automatically tracking those movements, properly trained algorithms can infer the person’s emotional state, pretty much in the same way we humans interpret facial expressions.

Why should we be so interested in developing those sophisticated algorithms? The reason is because automatic facial expression analysis opens the door to many useful applications. For example, it may be used to help health professionals, such as aiding with the diagnoses and treatment of psychiatric conditions, to promptly recognize a sudden malaise, or to better quantify pain in patients unable to verbally communicate. Being able to objectively decipher the emotional state of individuals from their facial expressions in real time is also an invaluable tool to evaluate the desirability of products as well as the media contents’ capacity to effectively catch the viewer’s attention and interest in a non-invasive and reliable way. In addition, these methods can also be used to increase transportation security by monitoring the driver’s state, in order to respond quickly to fatigue and distraction by alerting the driver.

At Muvraline, we are passionate at implementing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies to deliver smart facial expression analysis’ solutions that are specifically tailored for different businesses’ objectives: contact us if you want to know how to effectively apply emotion analytics to solve real-world problems!