SellerBot® is an Artificial Intelligence software allowing an optimal organization of field tours

Facing the following field teams challenges: SellerBot® allows:
  1. minimize the time spent organizing its visits while maximizing the number of visits
  1. to carry out between + 10% and + 30% additional visits*
  1. the distances are long and you spend a lot of time in your vehicle
  1. fewer kilometers therefore up to 15% less expenditure on fuel* and up to 18% less expenditure on vehicle maintenance*
  1. address priorities
  1. more priority visits
  1. consistency of work in the field with the front and back office (questionnaire sent after the sales representative visit / sms sent warning the arrival of the technician)
  1. real-time integration
  1. teams supervision
  1. teams geolocation
*Muvraline internal study

Tour generation

  • Solo / group
  • Loop / A to B
  • Door-to-door / phone
  • Mandatory / best
  • Specific priorities
  • Daily or real time

Road tracing mode:


Supervision with geolocation
Via mobile application or GPS tracker (OBD2 device*)

*OBD = On-Board Diagnostics
OBD2 for vehicles released after 2001
Does not require installation services
  • Gap between generated tour and real tour
  • Supervision operation with several employees
  • Resource reallocation
  • Data learning for new optimization

Quality feedback (NPS* sms)

  • Understand client needs
  • Generate real time customer care actions
  • Evaluate employees

*Net Promoter Score℠
SellerBot® ENTRY SellerBot® MID SellerBot® HIGH
reporting of vehicle data(1)(2) (mileage data, maintenance alert management + reminder of maintenance operations, eco-driving) X X X
tracking application + geolocation(1)(2) X X X
tour generation X X
CRM intelligent update for salespeople and technicians, satisfaction questionnaire for technicians X
sms sending functionality X
specific algorithms to business needs -> version intended for large accounts X
price per vehicle and per month 5 €
excl. VAT
10 €
excl. VAT
100 €
excl. VAT
price of the geolocation system (1)geolocation with mobile application: included in the price per vehicle and per month

(1)reporting of vehicle data and/or geolocation with OBD2 device:
40 € excl. VAT per vehicle, payable once

(2)possibility of disconnection

SellerBot® is used by:

sales teams and customer service technicians sales teams

Altice Dominicana