Our solutions

The assistant for field teams: SellerBot®

SellerBot®, the assistant that facilitates the organization of field tours. We define, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the best compromise between distance to the recipients and interest of the visits (customer potential, urgency of the visit…) in order to get the optimal organization of the field tours of your teams.

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The recognition assistant: DetectBot

DetectBot, the assistant able to understand videos (tracking several people trajectories, recognizing emotions, objects and people, recognizing age and gender, finding a multi-criteria person, reading license plates), sounds (recognizing emotions, number, gender, age, and even identity of a person via voice) and texts (text searching in knowledge bases and analyzing verbatims from consumers suggesting them a personalized answer / action – CareBot). DetectBot is also predictive maintenance (FixBot®), fraud detection (FraudBot) and optimization of the employee life cycle (HRBot).

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The intelligent assistant of the home: HomeBot®

HomeBot®, the home automation assistant that improves the family’s life: learning and detecting habits, managing direct orders and configurable scenarios, time management and appointment reminders. This butler with Artificial Intelligence aims to simplify the daily life of the home.

The bots creation assistant: BOTSchool®

BOTSchool®, the Virtual Assistant School and Management Platform which enables any kind of business to create, teach and manage intelligent virtual assistants, supported in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). This platform has an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service portal where you can train your virtual assistants, test them and track their progress.


Our Special Covid products

Interactive dashboard on Covid-19 public data

It is an interactive dashboard produced from Covid-19 recurrent public data, made available by France and the European Union. This dashboard also contains a section called Predictive Models which presents the evolution of the epidemic obtained by different mathematical models according to their parameters.

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The mobile application that informs employees who have been in contact with a contagious person: Active-Citizen in Company

The application transmits an anonymized id in bluetooth. When it is near a phone with the same application, it writes down the ids of the neighbors. If a user considers that he is sick, he can, on his initiative, press a button, which will send to the server, anonymously, the ids of the people he has met in the previous days.

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The software that detects if people respect the rule of physical distance of 1 meter and the wearing of the mask: DetectBot check for barrier gestures

The Muvraline researchers applied geometric calculation in real time to the data from a video stream of the “DetectBot tracking the trajectories of several people” algorithm, and added to the “DetectBot facial recognition” algorithm a neural network of object recognition trained from a database made up of different types of masks. Thus, from one or more cameras, Muvraline is able to check whether or not people respect the rule of physical distance of 1 meter and whether or not people respect the wearing of the mask.

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