Who are we?

Subsidiary of Altice France (SFR, BFM, RMC, Libération, L’Express…), Muvraline is the startup of the group dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

With our experience in Telecom, we address:

  • The Artificial Intelligence ​​needs of the Telco/Media/Advertising Business Units of the Altice group
  • Digital transformation of companies, administrations and local authorities

Our products

The intelligent assistant of the home: HomeBot®

HomeBot®, the home automation assistant that improves the family’s life: learning and detecting habits, managing direct orders and configurable scenarios, time management and appointment reminders. This butler with Artificial Intelligence aims to simplify the daily life of the home

The assistant for field teams: SellerBot®

SellerBot®, the assistant that facilitates the organization of field tours.
We define, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the best compromise between distance to the recipients and the interest of the visits (customer potential, urgency of the visit…) in order to get the optimal organization of the field tours of your teams

The anomaly detectors: FixBot® | FraudBot

FixBot®, the Bot that detects and predicts incidents and suggests corrective actions under constraints so that you can, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, better understand issues and better solve them.

FraudBot, the Bot that analyzes datasets and identifies items that influence fraudulent behavior. It thus makes it possible to detect, with respect to its behavior, whether a person will be likely to defraud

The assistant of the human relation: CareBot

CareBot, the Bot, and more generally the Muvraline service, which helps you to improve the relationship between you and your consumers. We analyze the verbatims of your consumers in order, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, to evaluate them and by decision rules, to suggest you a personalized answer / action. The idea is for example to convert detractors into promoters and thus improve your Net Promoter Scores (NPS®)

The dynamiser of Human Resources: HRBot

HRBot, the assistant that optimizes the collaborator life cycle and its interaction with the business cycle

The bots creation assistant: BOTSchool®

BOTSchool®, the Virtual Assistant School and Management Platform which enables any kind of business to create, teach and manage intelligent virtual assistants, supported in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). This platform has an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service portal where you can train your virtual assistants, test them and track their progress

Our methodology

Our PhD are working on 3 main elements:
emulation of human reasoning by analysing the analogue flows of the human brain and transforming them into digital information
fine analysis of human natural language to create a computer language with the ability to imitate it
– study of human cognition, i.e. the ability of an individual to acquire knowledge about his or her environment, in order to reproduce this through a computer

From there, our PhD design Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide solutions to your issues. Our developers then deploy these solutions as softwares.

Following deployment, we evaluate the solutions implemented in order to enhance our research and therefore in the long term to provide you with solutions that are always better.

Result: we provide you or your consumers sustainable Artificial Intelligence solutions that allows you/them to get:
– more simplicity in everyday life
– a better allocation of resources
– a better quality of service
– a better decision-making
– time saving
– etc

Our added value

Subsidiary of Altice France, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, Muvraline benefits from resources of a big group, but operates with the agility of a startup.

Our R&D is European, with multidisciplinary teams composed of PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology (Criminology), Biology, etc., as well as developers, which allows us to respond with Artificial Intelligence to all types of issues, even the most complex.

Our offices are local, so close to you, with headquarters in Paris and offices being set up in several European cities.

Our algorithms are visible, and can therefore be understood.